About The Program

Anthropology is the study of people and their non-human primate relatives over space and time. It is the study of how human society has changed from a social, historical, and evolutionary perspective. Anthropology is a field that bridges Science and the Humanities examining and producing both qualitative and quantitative data. Anthropologists think holistically about the human society working to understand similarities and differences through cultural, biological, archaeological, and linguistic lenses. Anthropology prepares students for careers in the United States and abroad. Since the anthropology degree at Southern New Hampshire University is skill focused, it uniquely prepares students to either be employed following graduation or enter a graduate degree program. The application of anthropological skills is at the core of the degree program. The uniqueness of the degree is in the inclusion of skill-based concentrations that expand the list of potential jobs for which a graduate can apply. The Anthropology core courses and concentrations stress the application of anthropological theory and methods to real world problems through experiential assignments, ethnographic case studies, data collection, and the acquisition of skills in a specialty area. Anthropology is inherently multidisciplinary, and as such, its specialty areas draw from elements of many different fields in the sciences and humanities.


HIS117 World Civilizations: Prehistory-1500 (3)
PHL111 Introduction to Critical Thinking (3)
MAT240 Applied Statistics (3)
GEO200 World Geography (3)
PHL230 Religions of the World (3)
PHY103 Earth System Science (3)
ATH101 The Human Experience: Introduction to Anthropology (3)
ATH111 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3)
ATH205 Discovering the Past: Foundations in Archaeology (3)
ATH210 Human Origins and Evolution: Biological Anthropology (3)
ATH315 Anthropology in the Contemporary World (3)
ATH320 Who Owns Culture? Ethics in Anthropology (3)
ATH489 Capstone in Anthropology (3)
SCS285 Research Literacy in Social Sciences (3)
BIO330 Conservation Biology (3)
SCI219 Environmental Issues (3)
SCI220 Energy and Society (3)
SOC318 Sustainable Communities (3)
IT242 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (3)
PHY205 Principles of Geology (3)
SCI225 Spatial Awareness (3)
GEO345 Remote Sensing and Imagery Analysis (3)
SCI310 Geostatistics and Data Analysis (3)