Public Relations And Advertising


About The Program

Companies produce products and services to cater to the needs and demands of the target market. To succeed, companies and brands need to create awareness within the target market and have a positive image. This requires enormous effort in the globally competitive environment.
In this environment, to promote their commercial activities, companies use marketing communications, the most popular tools of which are ‘Public Relations’ and ‘Advertising’. Thus, ‘Public Relations and Advertising have become important areas within the marketing field.
‘Public Relations’ deals with topics such as event management, integrated marketing communications, lobbying, sponsorship, brand communications, crisis management, reputation management, corporate communications, and social responsibility. ‘Advertising’, on the other hand, covers topics such as copywriting, television advertising, advertising production, media planning, digital advertising, advertising photography, and creative advertising.
The Department of Public Relations and Advertising of the Technical University of America aims to graduate its students with the necessary skills as well as a broad understanding of ‘Public Relations’ and ‘Advertising’.