Digital Arts and Design


About The Program

The work of a great choreographer re-created with hand-drawn 3-D figures, a multimedia representation of the mind of a child with learning disabilities, an electronic “concert” shaped by the artist’s own brain waves and heartbeat -- these are a few of the projects created by today’s cutting-edge digital artists. The digital arts have been described as the place where artistry and technology meet. If you are a creative person who loves technology, a major in digital arts could be the right choice for you.


GP101 Graphic Design Photoshop
GP102 Illustration I
GP103 Desktop Publishing
GP104 Corel Draw
GP105 Photography I
GP106 End Of Term Project
GP201 Basic Design In Graphic Design I
GP202 Design In Graphic Design I
GP203 Introduction To Graphic Design Programs I
GP204 Graphic Design I
GP205 Typography
GP301 Design In Graphic Design II
GP302 Art History
GP303 Basic design in graphic design II
GP304 Graphic Design II
GP305 Introduction To Graphic Design Programs II
GP403 Responsive Design with Bootstrap
GP404 JavaScript
GP405 Publishing On The Web