About The Program

The field of Sociology focuses on studying human group behavior and social patterns, including culture, history, economics, religion, and politics. The sociological perspective examines patterns in areas such as class, gender, race, policy, institutions, mapping the patterns in order to better understand social interaction. This information is invaluable in many settings and therefore graduates work in areas such as community organization, advocacy, conflict resolution, safety and prevention, politics and health. The Sociology degree at Southern New Hampshire University prepares students to enter the field and pursue graduate studies. The application of sociological skills is at the core of the degree program. The uniqueness of the degree is in the option to complete a skill-based concentration that expands the potential jobs for which a graduate can apply. The Sociology core courses and concentration stress the application of sociological theory and application to real world problems through experiential assignments, use of sociological imagination, participant observation and other research skills, and the acquisition of skills in a specialty area.


GEO200 World Geography (3)
PHL230 Religions of the World (3)
HIS117 World Civilizations: Prehistory-1500 (3)
HIS118 World Civilizations: 1500 - Present (3)
SCS224 Social Science Research Methods (3)
SCS444 Capstone Colloquium (3)
SOC112 Introduction to Sociology (3)
SOC213 Sociology of Social Problems (3)
SOC317 Sociology of the Family (3)
SOC325 Sociological Perspectives (3)
SOC324 Sociology of Crime and Violence (3)
SOC320 Sociology of Gender (3)
SOC330 Sociology of Minority Relations (3)
IHP200 Wellness Across the Lifespan (3)
PHE330 Public Health Education and Communication (3)
PHE423 Evaluation Methods in Public Health (3)
PHE425 Programming Planning in Public Health (3)
General Electives
ENG122 English Composition I
ENG123 English Composition II
IDS100 Perspectives in Liberal Arts (3)
BUA107 Success Strategies for Online Learning (3)
HUM100 Perspectives in the Humanities (3)
HUM200 Applied Humanities (3)
SCS100 Perspectives in the Social Sciences (3)
SCS200 Applied Social Sciences (3)
SCI100 Perspectives in the Natural Sciences (3)
SCI200 Applied Natural Sciences (3)
HIS100 Perspectives in History (3)
HIS200 Applied History (3)
IDS403 Technology and Society (3)
IDS404 Popular Culture (3)
MAT133 Introduction to Statistical Analysis (3)
MAT136 Introduction to Quantitative Analysis (3)
MAT140 Precalculus (3)
MAT240 Applied Statistics (3)