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About The Program

The Economics and Finance program will provide you with a real competitive edge as you gain knowledge of both economic and financial theory and an understanding of the relationship between the mechanisms driving economic systems and the workings of capital markets.
You will develop the intellectual, analytical, and modeling skills needed to solve problems in economics, finance, and related areas. You will also learn to use the analytical tools required to appreciate and critically analyze economic and financial policy issues and problems.
The interdisciplinary path will prepare you for specialist courses such as financial economics and financial econometrics. The program will provide a basic knowledge of accounting, which is invaluable for understanding how enterprises work.
The Technical University of America is committed to providing a strong undergraduate program in Economics and Finance that teaches students the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the workplace. In addition, the program is designed to produce well-rounded global citizens who can function effectively and ethically in society. Economics studies how societies allocate their scarce resources among various alternatives and the consequences of these decisions. The field of Finance, in turn, is concerned with how investment decisions are made by corporations and financial intermediaries and how financial markets operate locally and globally. The areas of inquiry in the economics and finance program include money and banking, international trade and finance, labor-market analysis, and the study of emerging markets among others.