Architectural Technology


About The Program

An education in architectural technology typically prepares students to work alongside architects, construction workers and other building professionals during the structural development process. Educational programs in architectural technology typically culminate in associate's degrees. These degree programs blend hands-on training with classroom instruction in areas like computer-aided drafting, construction codes and methods, building design and structural systems. Graduates may also continue their education in a bachelor's or graduate degree program in architectural technology or related fields, such as architecture or construction science, which can lead to more advanced careers. Certificate programs are also available. The following pages include information about degree programs in architectural technology.


AT101 Introduction To Architecture
AT102 Architectural Drawing
AT103 Computer Aided Architectural Design ACAD
AT105 Structure Knowledge-I
AT201 Introduction To Architectural Design
AT202 3ds Max
AT203 V-Ray
AT204 Materials Science I
AT205 History of Architecture-I
AT301 Revit
AT302 SketchUp
AT303 Photoshop Architectural
AT304 Materials Science II
AT305 History and theory of urbanism
AT401 Creativity In Architecture
AT402 Internship
AT403 Thesis