About The Program

Our Architecture program aims to provide students with the skills and specialized knowledge necessary to apply creative and responsible solutions in the field of architecture. The program assists students in understanding their role and responsibility as architects in any given physical and cultural context, whether that be local or international.
Upon completing the program, graduates will be able to apply their understanding of spaces as a whole and use their knowledge of the relationships between built environments, technology, and geographical, social, socio-cultural, and political contexts to solve complex architectural challenges. With a high teaching staff-to-student ratio that allows for plenty of individual consulting, as well as a carefully-designed curriculum, this program aims to enable students to graduate with a honed perspective and a comprehensive plan for their future professional development.


AT101 Introduction To Architecture
AT102 Architectural Drawing
AT103 Computer Aided Architectural Design ACAD
AT105 Structure Knowledge-I
AT201 Introduction To Architectural Design
AT202 3ds Max
AT203 V-Ray
AT204 Materials Science I
AT205 History of Architecture-I
AT301 Revit
AT302 SketchUp
AT303 Photoshop Architectural
AT304 Materials Science II
AT305 History and theory of urbanism
AT401 Creativity In Architecture
AT402 Internship
AT403 Thesis
AT501 Principles Of Urban Planning
AT502 History Of Contemporary Architecture
AT503 Carrier Systems I
AT504 Physical Environment Control I
AT505 Historical Environmental Protection And Restoration Information
AT601 Carrier Systems II
AT602 Physical Environment Control II
AT603 Relay, Restoration And Reuse
AT604 Economics Of Architecture
AT605 Measurement Techniques
AT701 Structural Statics
AT702 Production Management
AT703 History Of Early Age And Western Architecture
AT704 History Of Anatolian Architecture
AT705 Model Creativity
AT801 Architecture and Professional Practice
AT802 Internship II
AT803 Thesis