American Language and Literature


About The Program

There is immense power in the written word. Texts have served as the foundation of nations. They've inspired revolts, sparked movements, and established unlikely unions. How, exactly, did seminal works inspire monumental acts? With an emphasis on critical thinking, analysis, and audience-appropriate writing, TUA's BA in English Language and Literature degree gives students what they need to help them investigate and harness the power of the written word. Students also gain essential communication and research skills that are prized by employers. Possible careers include professional writing, editing, publishing, marketing, law, communication, politics, and more


General Education
ENG122 English Composition I
ENG123 English Composition II
MAT240 Applied Statistics (3)
IDS100 Perspectives in Liberal Arts (3)
BUA107 Success Strategies for Online Learning (3)
HUM100 Perspectives in the Humanities (3)
HUM200 Applied Humanities (3)
SCS100 Perspectives in the Social Sciences (3)
SCS200 Applied Social Sciences (3)
SCI100 Perspectives in the Natural Sciences (3)
SCI200 Applied Natural Sciences (3)
HIS100 Perspectives in History (3)
HIS200 Applied History (3)
IDS403 Technology and Society (3)
IDS404 Popular Culture (3)
ENG350 The English Language (3)
LIT300 Literary Theory (3)
LIT319 Shakespeare (3)
ENG327 Playwriting Workshop (3)
ENG329 Fiction Writing Workshop (3)
LIT485 Senior Thesis in Literature (3)
BUA290 Experiential Learning (3)
BUA495 Internship (3)
ENGL 123 Academic Writing
MAT125 Quantitative Reasoning & Problem Solving (3)
MAT130 Applied Finite Mathematics (3)
MAT133 Introduction to Statistical Analysis (3)
MAT135 The Heart of Mathematics (3)
MAT136 Introduction to Quantitative Analysis (3)
MAT140 Precalculus (3)
MAT225 Calculus I: Single-Variable Calculus (3)
CMPS 110 Introduction to Computer Science
MATH 103 College Mathematics
MATH104 College Algebra
ENVS105 Introduction to Environmental Science
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology
HIST 166 Atlantic History
HIST 168 History of Civilizations
HIST 170 U.S. History
SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology
POLS 250 Media Literacy in the Age of Fake News
UNIV 101 First Year Seminar