The pandemic is not over yet, but it seems that the end is near. As the number of cases and deaths decrease, we are one step closer to normalization.

We have seen together how much an epidemic disease can affect our life norms in a period of technology revolution. The interesting thing is that what we call "normalization" after the pandemic will no longer be a normalization like it was before. The pandemic, with its unplanned restrictions and ways of producing work, has given us a whole new meaning of "normal". Working from home, transportation changes, distance education, forced trade methods. The changes in some of them seem to be permanent after the pandemic.

Every crisis is actually an opportunity. Of course, we wish this disease did not exist at all and these opportunities did not arise (or at least in this way). However, we will be seeing the innovations that pandemic obligations and standards can bring to us and to business life.

Many national and international companies have decided to make the practice of working from home permanent. This alone has had a positive/negative impact on the different sectors that people commute to work. Transportation, raw materials, cleaning, architecture, service and many similar sectors are now trying to improve themselves in order to keep up with the new normal standards after the pandemic.

Despite all the negative effects of the pandemic, the technological level that the world has come to has made things easier in many areas, especially vaccines, and made progress in a shorter time.