Apart from being its own education system, TUA is an advocate of the distance education model. The fact that information is circulating at an unimaginable speed and acquiring knowledge has become unprecedentedly easy has profoundly affected both personal development and university education.

Today, you don't even have to get up from your seat to specialize and get training on a subject you want. You can listen to, watch online, and see the applications in the field, whether in the form of a video, article or training, told by an expert in the farthest part of the world.

This is an incredible event that could change all human development!

Distance education models have changed every detail in education, perhaps permanently. Cost of education, equal opportunity in education, geographical problems, time-related problems and transportation. With online education options, a person who wants to specialize in a subject can now do it at the least cost and in the fastest time. Of course, the system still has vulnerabilities and weaknesses. However, the advantages it provides open the doors to a whole new world for each individual.